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Breakthrough Made by Dr. Zhuo Min and Team

2021/07/27       627

       Dr. Zhuo Min, a resident academician at QIAP, has led the team to a new breakthrough in the role played by Pitocin in chronic pain and anxiety control with their latest research outcome published on Cell Reports (July 2021). It represents the first breakthrough made by scientists in cerebral science in China. 

       The research discovered that Pitocin could help relieve pain and associated anxiety through repressing the pre-LTP in the ACC region of the cerebral cortex, providing new mechanism for the future treatment of chronic pain and anxiety associated with it.

      Dr. Zhuo Min and his team have been dedicated to research related to cerebral health including drug development, cerebral disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. The team holds over 10 international new drug patents in pain control, drug addiction, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s disease etc., enjoying international prestige in technology cooperation and research commercialisation.