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Shandong's First Intercity Hydrogen Transportation Line Launched

2021/06/30       678

     On June 26th, the launching ceremony of the first Intercity Hydrogen transportation line in Shandong Province (Qingdao-Linyi) was held simultaneously in the Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park of QIAP and the Smart Logistics Equipment Park of Linyi Road Transportation Port. As the first intercity hydrogen transportation line launched in Shandong, 170 hydrogen cold-chain logistics vehicles and muck trucks will be launched, which will contribute 20,000 tons to carbon dioxide emissions reduction each year.


     Hydrogen is one of the most promising clean energy sources in the world. On April 16th, Shandong Provincial Government and the Ministry of Science and Technology signed the framework agreement to roll out hydrogen powered projects, making Shandong a pioneer of this national demonstration project. The intercity hydrogen transportation line in Shandong marks the first sub-project completed within the framework of the national demonstration project, boasting great significance for promoting the transformation of old and new growth drive in Shandong and building a highland for developing hydrogen energy industry.


     QIAP constantly strives to be the vanguard in energy revolution. It began to develop a omni-channel industrial chain covering hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogenation, fuel cell assembly and hydrogen vehicles in 2017. Shouldering important demonstration projects in Qingdao, QIAP actively responded to the "Qingdao Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2020-2030)", strengthened the role played by its Hydrogen Energy Technology Innovation and Incubation Center. QIAP spearheaded in the hydrogen energy industrial model to contribute to the development of an international hub for hydrogen technology development, generating a new ecosystem through integration of the hydrogen energy industry chains.

     In the future, QIAP will put into operation and roll out 2,000 hydrogen fuel cell logistics vehicles within three years, steadily promoting the development of an e-commerce logistics network with Linyi sitting at the center, supporting 600 kilometers surrounding areas and serving 400 million people. This will also facilitate Shandong’s efforts in establishing the first hydrogen energy high-speed corridor in China, developing itself into a highland for the development of a hydrogen energy industry chain integrating R&D, manufacturing and application with an estimated value of over 10 billion and even 100 billion.