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Forge ahead to establish a special zone to lead the development of function zones

2021/05/14       81

  After the visits to Chengdu, on 11th May, the Qingdao delegation arrived in Shenzhen for visits to the Qianhai International Conference Center, the Management and Service Command Center of Shenzhen, Ping An Technology Experience Center, Tencent, and Huawei etc. in a hope to gather insights from the “Special Zone Spirit”. The delegation attached great importance to the achievements and experience of Shenzhen in developing a digital city and promoting innovation within the business community. Seeing Shenzhen as an example, the delegation will continue to make up the gap at home and forge ahead in their efforts to become an engine city. Representatives from Qingdao West Coast new area, the High-tech Development Zone, and the Blue Silicon Valley made speeches respectively. Secretary Wang Xijing of CPC Licang District pointed out that efforts will made in establishing an Special Innovation Zone for academician and in putting in place a platform for the cross-border movement of resources.

    “Shenzhen has applied unconventional approaches to promote reform and innovation and to create an ecosystem for innovation that facilitates fundamental research, technology breakthrough, industrialization, financial services, and talent recruitment, which is in solid agreement with the approaches taken by QIAP to integrate fundamental research, applied research, and translation into an ecosystem for academician-led innovations.” Secretary Wang suggested that Licang will follow through on the instruction given by Secretary Liu Jiayi of CPC Shandong during his visit to QIAP to take innovative approaches in establishing an Special Innovation Zone for academician, making it a platform where exchanges can be promoted for recruitment, academic, research, innovation, and translation purposes.

      Unremitting efforts are made to enhance the “hard” power of innovative industries which is the determinate factor of a strong industrial system. Secretary Wang said the reason for Huawei and Tencent’s success in competition lies in their emphasis on independent technological development. Licang will further ignite QIAP’s capability for orginal innovation, focusing on transforming growth points, enhancing the top 10 industries in Shandong and the 13 industrial chains in Qingdao, and developing independent pillar technologies that enjoy a wide range of applications. Following the guidance of the government and with market taking on a central role, priorities will be given to six industrial clusters including smart and new energy, biomedicine, digital economy, smart manufacturing and construction, neutron technology, and broker economy.

     It is also imperative to optimize the soft environment for innovation. Secretary Wang suggested that Licang will continue to deepen reforms on multiple fronts to further enhance the entrepreneurial passion and capabilities for staff while optimizing mechanism support. Boosted by a system governed by law, the preferential policies, and the intellectual strength offered by overseas academicians, we aim to put in place a platform for facilitated movement of talents, knowledge, and technologies to transcend across borders.