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Fengxiang Air Purifier

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Product features

Fresh air + purification: Based on Fengxiang’s cutting-edge multiflow aerodynamic technologies, a 3D circulating air flow is developed passing through all indoor corners.

Purification efficiency: The air of a 20m2 room can be totally purified for two times per hour to maintain a clean air environment.

Filter element: Filter imported from the U.S. +Fengxiang’s ceramic purification filter special for formaldehyde removal. The efficient composite filter screen is only 285x120mm in size, greatly contributing to efficient filtration of PM2.5 and chemical pollutants (e.g. formaldehyde).

Oxygen-enriched fresh air: The maximum volume of fresh air is 70m3/h, bringingfavorable filtration performance and fresh air

Anion: By use of Fengxiang’sRealfresh ion purification technology, 20,000,000 ions released per second exposes your family to a comfortable and healthy living environment by purifying the room with the clean and fresh air.

Intelligent detection: The built-in Fengxiang’sHowair pro air quality detection system can precisely monitor the 24-hour indoor air quality, with the related data directly shown by the LED back display.

Electric auxiliary heater: In consideration of the cold weather, an electric auxiliary heater is installed in the product to heat the cold fresh air entering the room to a relatively comfortable temperature.

Mute: The running noise of the machine is as low as 29db, bringing your family a silent and purified world.

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