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Golden Shell Coating

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Functional characteristics 

       Air purification:By virtue of the porous structure, shell, as an inorganic material, is definitely good at absorbing the excessive moisture in air. What’s more, the rational preparation enables it to catalyze the hazardous substance (e.g. formaldehyde) and minimize the secondhand smoke and the unpleasant odor in kitchen and washroom. It has been certified that the formaldehyde purification rate is more than 80% after 24 hours.

      Ambient humidity adjustment:In case of an indoor air humidity more than 60%, the wall coated with shell painting may, relying on its unique functionality, absorb and store the hydrones in air and release them in case of an ambient humidity below 30%. Such circulation (absorption and release) effectively protect the wall surface from mildew, peeling, condensation (generally known as “the tears on the wall”) caused by moisture. It is particularly popular and suitable in the coastal region or an area suffered from plum rains.

     Eyesight protection:The light is reflected in a diffuse manner by the wall surface coated with shell powder; it is natural and gentle to protect the eyesight and effectively reduce the risk of shortsightedness.

      Dust free design:Shell is an inorganic material free of heavy metal and electrostatic interaction, so itwill not track the mote in air and is easy to clean.

      Easy maintenance:It is available to shell out and repair the damaged (on account of impact or scratch) or dirty wall surface coated with shell powder, without any sharp trace leftover.

      Over-long service life:Shell powder, as an inorganic material, has a service life of more than 20 years, which is longer than that of the organic ones.