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Electrospinning Device

Time:2019-04-05 Clicks:28

    TTE-1 electrospinning device is independently researched, developed and manufactured by Qingdao Junada Technology Co., Ltd. Characterized by small area, light weight, adjustable temperature and humidity and hand-held design supported for flexible spraying, it is mainly applied to producing nanofibers by electrostatic spinning for the purpose of scientific research.

Product features:

Portable device: small size, light weight and mobile design make it more applicablefor scientific research. The portable outer packing box brings good looking and convenience. The optimal integrity and rational design lead to easy use and high portability.

Simple and easy intelligent operation: The intelligent LCD supports the bilingual interface of Chinese and English. With the adjustable button, the color display can be adjusted.  

Flexible and multiple operatingmodes: The portable spraying gun supports both mobile and stationary applications; with the human-based design following the principles of ergonomics, it is easy for experiment.

Safety and high efficiency: The electrostatic protection materials are installed and well-grounded for safe operation. Two switches are installed for starting and stopping the process at any time, ensuring efficiency and safety.

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