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Introduction of "Overseas Academician Qingdao Tour" And Qingdao International

2019/04/05       271

     The "Overseas Academician Qingdao Tour" & Qingdao International Academician Forum is a scientific and technical exchange platform for high-end academicians worldwide hosted by Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA) and Qingdao Municipal Government. The event aims to promote exchange of the latest international scientific and technological research achievements in the field of information technology, biomedicine, new energy and new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, foster the commercialization of scientific and technological research results, advance the integration between government, academia, industry and business.

     Two sessions had been successfully held in the last two years. More than 200 famous academicians from over 20 countries and regions were in attendance. Among them are Nobel Prize winner Danny Shechtman, the father of hybrid rice, Yuan Longping, the father of small satellites, Sir Martin Sweeting, Nobel Committee member Olle Inganäs, "the King of foaming" Chul Park, high temperature superconductor expert Zhu Jingwu, Wolf Prize winner Ilan Chet, academician and former Minister of Health, Zhu Chen, etc.

     The 3rd "Overseas Academician Qingdao Tour" & Qingdao International Academician Forum will be held from May 28th to 30th, 2019. This conference will also invite around 100 famous academicians from overseas, including many Nobel Prize winners. 300 representatives from top research institutes, universities and well-known enterprises in China will attend the conference.


1st Overseas Academicians Qingdao Tour (2017)


2nd Overseas Academicians Qingdao Tour (2018)


Mr. Chen Zhu(President of Western Returned Scholars Association)

delivering the Opening Speech

Keynote speech (2018)


Prof. Danny Shechtman


Sir Martin Sweeting

Panel Discussions


Bio-Medicine Sub-Forum Discussion


New Material and New Energy Sub-Forum Discussion